Opsamling på blogs om Barack Obamas kampagne

John McCain v. Social Media: The People Win - e.Politics:

The lesson: political professionals need to realize that they don’t have a monopoly on political messaging — from T. Boone Pickens to Will.i.am to Ms. Hilton, average citizens can now go toe-to-toe with them and even win a few rounds. It helps to have Pickens’s millions to spread the word, but good creative and a good subject can combine with the world of blogs, social networks and free video hosting to get a piece in front of a massive audience. How many more people will see Paris Hilton’s response than McCain’s original video? By which I mean, how many more people will imbibe an anti-McCain message presented by a compelling host?

Five Simple Rules for Online Politics - e.Politics:

 1. Think about the ends before you think about the means
2. Brilliance almost always takes second place to persistence
3. Integrate, integrate, integrate.
4. Content is key
5. Is selling an idea (or a candidate) like selling soap? Yep.

Which ad would you click through? - The Next Right:

So I was doing some research for a panel that I am speaking on at RightOnline, and I was curious. So I searched on Google for "obama healthcare" and "mccain healthcare". I was shocked by what I found. First the ads:

 Which of these would you click on? The one that asks you to register at campaign events or get to know someone? Or the one that asks you for money. I bet that Barack Obama's ad has a lot higher click-through.

Microtargeting Myth vs. Fact - The Next Right:

 There's a lot of hype surrounding microtargeting -- which is the process of targeting voters scientifically based on consumer and demographic data. This piece in Salon yesterday on "Obama's super marketing machine" is no different. But as someone with a bit more than a passing understanding of what microtargeting is, I have to shake my head a little at articles like this. Because the media gets it almost completely wrong -- whether it's hyping relatively mundane technologies or celebrating "sexy" examples (dial up 40 year old Vodka drinking Volvo drivers!) that have almost no bearing on microtargeting's usefulness in real life.

Insider's Guide to Video and YouTube for Nonprofits - frogloop:

 In keeping with our coverage of video for nonprofits, we spoke with Ramya Raghavan, Nonprofits and Activism Specialist at YouTube.  In this interview, she shares her insights into the strategic and the tactical information nonprofits might find useful as they consider their approach to using video to reach their communications goals.

PdF2008: Shirky, Teachout, Rushkoff, Jones, Clift Keynotes Are Up on Blip.tv + Final Plenary on Leadership - techPresident.com:

We've posted another chunk of video of plenary sessions from "Personal Democracy Forum 2008: Rebooting the System"

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